Nobody Turned Up

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Channel 5 Taking Their Promos Upmarket


Attempt to Get Vince Cable to Wear a Breton Cap Back-to-Front Like Ben From Curiosity Killed The Cat

On Thursday the 15th of November 2012 I sent the following letter to The Rt. Hon Dr Vince Cable MP.  Hidden within this letter were 5 Curiosity Killed The Cat songs.  Can you find them all?  I should imagine Vince will find them all straightaway because I put them all in bold.  That doesn’t really show here though for some odd reason.

Here’s a copy of the photo I sent him with the letter.

I then printed off both the letter and the photograph of Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot and popped them in an envelope.

Then I licked a stamp, put it on the envelope and walked down to post box to get the letter on its way.

We shall wait and see what happens.

Suzanne Vega Sings Tom’s Diner to Fruit

The Jamiroquai ‘Virtual Insanity’ Theme Park

The whole nation has been crying out for this.  And that is why I shall be opening it in Leicester in 2015.  It has to be Leicester because it’s very central, and God knows they need something.  You cannot build a city upon crisps, Kasabian and Gary Lineker alone.

To secure a bit more funding to make the whole enterprise get off to a winning start, I contacted some of the most influential people on the planet to see if they would like to invest in this opportunity. In fact, I was so excited I even spelt Jamiroquai wrong in a couple of the tweets.

Promoting the Abacus

You’ll probably have to click on this to read it.  but please do.  It’s important stuff.


Democracy Should be a Two-way Process. It’s Not.