36 Things to do if You’re Bored

Although the phrase, ‘only stupid people get bored’, is one that annoys my friend to an outlandish degree, it is true.  Nobody (unless chained to a radiator for 3 years) should ever be bored.  Our world, after all, is so full of colours and shapes and dogs.  However, if you do find yourself at a loss as for what to do, I hope that these ideas will be some sort of help (you soulless unimaginative prole).   (Thanks to @PennyxxLane for the idea).

1.  Go sunbathing

2.  Move to a road with a lovely view

3.  Devise a World War 2 themed menu

4.  Take a photograph of a sleeping old man who owns a pair of binoculars

5.  Search for hovercrafts with levitating lorries poking out.

6.  Go to a show

7.  Buy something really useful

8.  Watch some TV

9.  Just chill for a bit

10.  Relax and take in a nice view

11.  Go train spotting on a Segway

12.  State the obvious

13.  Design your very own blue plaque

14.  Put all of your Hula Hoops into glasses and mugs

15.  Leave a comment on The Daily Mail website about an X Factor contestant 

16.  Take a photo of an unusual sign you see

17.  Go on The Jeremy Kyle Show

18.  Open a Restaurant named after a film

19.  Place your model cat on an Antony Gormley sculpture

20.  Design your own t-shirt

21.  Enter a really exciting tombola

22.  Turn your van into a castle

23.  Video naked bike riders

24.  Write a book

25.  Open a shop that refuses to let Jeremy Clarkson in

26.  Sell off some of your unwanted goods

27.  Read a good book

28.  Buy a nice plate

29.  Arrange 2 cuddly toys into a provocative position

30.  Get away from it all at a local beauty spot

31.  Make a sign with a spelling mistake

32.  Become a DJ

33.  Buy an ice cream van.  But make sure you do your research

34.  Join a class

35.  Buy a plastic dog just to confuse other dogs

36.  Make a list of things to do if you’re bored