It’s Time to Get a Proper Job

It’s time to get a proper job.  The life of a writer with a small readership is a tough one and I need more money.  When I saw this one in a local newspaper I knew I had to go for it.
Here’s my application letter for the above opportunity.  The wording is a bit small, but if you click on the photo it should be fine.
Then I printed out the letter and wrote the envelope.
Then I posted the letter.
It was only an hour later that I realised that I’d sold myself short.  I should have gone for the draughtsmanship opportunities too, so I hastily wrote them another letter.
Then I attached a copy of my Jamiroquai theme park.
and put both the letter and the drawing in an envelope.
I then posted that one.
And that is where I thought this would all end until I heard back from them with the date for my interview.  It was then that my good friend Andy pointed out to me, and I quote, “ I’m afraid you’ve probably rather flubbed the whole deal by misspelling ‘by’ at the end of your first letter. Recruiters usually discard applications with any speeling or grammatical errors.”
Needless to say, I couldn’t risk not getting the job, so I had to write them a 3rd letter explaining my error.
I then had to write out another envelope….
and go and post it.  I’m hoping now that’s it all sorted.
But I still couldn’t rest because I kept thinking that I hadn’t explained the concept of The Jamiroquai Theme Park fully in my second letter to them.  So I wrote one more letter to clear up any loose ends.
Yet again I wrote out an envelope and put the letter inside.
I then posted the letter.  This will be my last letter on the matter.