10 TV Breakfast Presenters Taking Bread Out of Ovens

We all think about it, but few of us rarely get access to the homes of Breakfast TV presenters to see it in real life. So, for those amongst you who may never get to witness the joy of watching TV Breakfast presenters taking bread out of ovens, here’s a collection of 10 exclusive shots.

1.  Frank Bough (BBC Breakfast 1983-87)

2. Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley (Daybreak 2010 -2011)

3.  John Stapleton (ITV’s GMTV and Daybreak – been around for ever, spans the genres)

4. Selina Scott (BBC Breakfast Time 1983-not sure)

5. Kate Garraway (GMTV, Daybreak  2000 – 2012)

6.  Ben Shepherd (GMTV 2005 – 2010)

7.  Mike Morris (Good Morning Britain, 1983 -1992)

8. Aled Jones (Daybreak 2012 – present)

9.  Louise Minchin (BBC Breakfast 2011 – present)

10. Sian Williams (BBC Breakfast 2005 – 2012)


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