How Many Showers Have I Had During my Lifetime?

It’s a simple question, an important question, but the possibilities for calculation errors are enormous.  What I’ve done here is try to provide some guidelines that can help others work out (with some degree of accuracy) the number of showers they have had during their lifetime.  I should point out that these guidelines only really work if you are a shower every day type person.  And you should be one of those, you really should.

The first thing I did was to calculate the total number of days that I have been alive.

But wait.  Don’t forget those leap years.   These are the leap years that I have lived through.

So that’s 11 leap years = 11 extra days.  That makes the total  number of days that I have been alive,

Then you have to remember that we didn’t get a shower in our household until 28th February 1979.  So I need to minus my days on this planet without a household shower.

But don’t forget those leap years.

So that makes,

But you then have to factor in the showers that I had before we had a household shower.  For example, swimming lessons at school.  I reckon this would be about 31. That makes,

From this figure I needed to work out the days that I missed having a shower.  These were the days I spent at music festivals, or the days when I didn’t leave the house because I was sat on my sofa surrounded by chocolate, crisps and holiday brochures.

But that’s not all.  What about the days when I had more than one shower?  Now, I’m convinced that those days are more numerous than the days when I didn’t have a shower.  For the sake of argument, let’s leave the figure as it is and add 250.  I realise now that we have strayed into the world of mere conjecture, but unless you have logged every shower you have had above the allotted one a day this figure is never going to be accurate.  In retrospect, I now wish I had logged those extra showers on an Excel spreadsheet.

So, with all of that taken in consideration, I am now at the stage to state that the total number of showers I have had in my lifetime is,

But let’s not leave it there.  If I’ve had 12413 showers in my life and I average about six minutes in the shower each time (I timed this today, and my routine rarely changes) I figure that I’ve spent 74478 minutes of my life in the shower.  Here’s the proof of that.

As we all know that there are 60 minutes in an hour, this means that I’ve spent  1241.3 hours of my life in the shower.  Turn that into days and we get,

So, in conclusion, in the 15415 days that I have been alive I have had 12413 showers and spent a total of 51.7 days of my life in the shower.  Or, to put it another way,


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