The Worst Joke Ever

I’ve come up with a truly terrible joke.  It went down very well on Facebook and not so well on Twitter.  This is it.




Oh dear, I’ve created a rod for my own back here.


One Comment on “The Worst Joke Ever”

  1. Dave K says:

    I will be complaining to Trading Standards as you promised me & countless other that you would be publishing “The Worst Joke Ever”. Let’s be honest, it’s not even close and on a scale of 1 to 10 about a million times funnier than anything Lenny Henry has uttered in the last quarter of a century.

    My worst joke ever became untellable when Christopher Reeve died, but then again that was more about bad taste than being unfunny.

    That aside the one liner coupled with an image of a famous person could open up a whole new genre of comedy. Makes me think of Tim Vine gags in picture format. The possibilities are endless. For example superimpose a chainsaw in the hands of the Peter Pan of Pop and a shotgun in the hands of an old Canadian Snooker Superstar, add the the line “Beware – Dangerous Cliffs” and hey presto.

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