Just to Let You Know


I Just thought I’d let all the lovely people who have been kind enough to follow and subscribe to this blog that from now on everything will go through my website, www.phillucas.com.   You’ll find all the blog posts under the ‘ramblings’ section.  So from now on no new blogs will appear here.  It just seems an easier way to do things in the future.  However, you can subscribe to the website in the same way and you’ll still get the same alerts when I post something new.

Thanks once again for all your lovely comments and support.  You’re super people.




Popstars Working in the Office

Click below to see a selection on popstars working in the office.

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Kate Middleton Portrait

Optimized-Kate Mermaid Portrait

I’m in. Are you?

Optimized-FDC FINAL

The First Ever Celebrity Mermaids Video

Please Help. Every Penny Will Make a Difference